LA-306 audio processor

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LA-306 digital audio processor

LA series digital audio processor is a high-performance digital DSP processor, supporting multiple analog signal routing, users can connect the machine through USB or Intranet IP and other ways to control the upper computer, simple and friendly PC software interface is more intuitive, easy to understand the way presented to the user operation.

Input channel 5 DEQ, 31 GEQ, 15 PEQ, output channel 15 PEQ and FIR functions, the channel is equipped with pressure limiter and noise gate adjustable, built-in 30 factory presets apply to most audio system one-click layout, users can also customize save calls, PC software is equipped with signal generator, convenient field speaker debugging and calibration.

The CPU adopts ADSP-21571 digital audio processing chip of Analog Devices, a dual-core SHARC+DSP processor based on Arm Cortex-A5 high-performance floating point core architecture, and supports 64-bit floating-point optimization FIR and IIR algorithms. The A/D part uses AK5552 analog-to-digital conversion chip, which supports 32-bit 768Khz sampling rate and differential filter circuit input design, effectively ensuring the high resolution and noise filtering of the input signal, and has a professional-grade 118dB signal-to-noise ratio, which effectively inhibits the background noise of the digital audio processing circuit

The DAC decoding part uses AD1955 chip, 24bit,192KHz masterband level audio format output, 120dB high signal-to-noise ratio, which meets the current use of various mainstream audio sources.

Frequency response (20Hz-20kHz@+4dBu) : +0/-0.3dB

Total harmonic distortion (20Hz-20kHz@+4dBu) : Signal to noise ratio: 110dB A weight

Background noise: 116 dB

Maximum gain (input to output) : 48dB

Maximum delay (input to output) : 750ms

Channel separation (@1kHz between channels) : >80dB

Common mode rejection ratio: 60Hz>100dB@+20dBu

Input impedance (balanced/unbalanced) : Bal:20K/Unbal:10K

Output impedance (balanced/unbalanced) : Bal:100ohm/Unbal:50ohm

Maximum input level: +20dBu

Maximum output level: +20dBu

Input gain range (adjustable) : -80dB to +12dB

Output gain range (adjustable) : -80dB ~ +12dB

A/D chip: AK5552

A/D sampling rate: 768kHz

A/D converter bit width: 32bit