LA-4 2 channel UHF Wireless microphone with audio mixer

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1. open Receiving ,turn on the hand microphone , automatically sweep the frequency,upper frequency point, there is no need to match the frequency.

2, change the frequency point is to open the button inside the battery tube to select the frequency change point, total of 30 points can be selected, the frequency will be automatically swept to the receiver.

3. If you drag two, each hand microphone can be converted to A or B channel by pressing and holding for about 6 seconds. The A and B channels each have 30 frequency points.

4.the use of multiple sets of machines: first open a receiver. Press the button inside of the battery tube, and then press the hand microphone power button to hold on , after 8 seconds ,The display shows a horizontal line and then connect the receiver. When there is a sound, it will lock the reception on one side. Other hand microphones will Can't enter. The same operation on the other side. After the receiving and transmitting are locked, all are turned off. Open another set,the same operation ,and then can be locked. The multiple sets of machines can be used at the same time, but the same frequency point cannot be used during use. The same frequency points will also interfere.

5.System: UHF

Frequency: 610.5-639.5


Distance: 30M

Frequency can be specified if there are foreign requirements