LAS4+1 Line array power box

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1. Panel color: iron black

2. Power input condition (single-phase 3-wire): AC90-260V 50-60HZ two-phase (three-wire: zero, fire, ground), equipped with Weipu 32A European waterproof plug

3. Number of power output channels: 6 groups 3 groups Weipu 16A universal socket output 3 groups Weipu 16A European socket output

4. Number of full-frequency signal inputs: 4 groups Number of full-frequency signal outputs: 4 groups

5. Number of ultra-low signal input: 1 group Number of ultra-low signal output: 1 group

6. Speaker load input quantity: 8 groups Output quantity: 8 groups

7. The controlled output can withstand maximum single power / total power (reactive power): 5000W / 10000W maximum withstand reactive power

8. Output power socket specifications: flame retardant ABS material, can withstand a maximum of 16A current phosphor copper material, standard universal socket (3) and European socket (3)

9. Protection function: each channel is equipped with an independent air switch. In case of short circuit or overcurrent, the air switch will automatically power off to protect the audio equipment from damage

10. Functional characteristics: manual control of each channel on / off 1-3 way one switch control, 4 5 6 three channel independent control

11. Power supply specifications: applicable to global voltage AC90-260V 50-60HZ

12. Main cable specification: external connection to Weipu European waterproof plug

13. Opening type; air switch on and off