LV-M808FXchannel professional mixer

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8/12/16 channel uses imported originals and introduces audio integrated IC to allow smart phones to process stably.

1. Bring your own mobile phone.

2. Adopt multi-machine 16-bit digital effector.

3. Original EQ control such as MP3 and Bluetooth functions.

4. A set of UX auxiliary output terminals.

5. A group of auxiliary return input control.

6. +48V fantasy power supply.

7. Use dual 12-bit data signal display.

8. Each is easy to debug with the mute function.

9. The steering rotation assist is applied, and 60 straight-line sliding faders are used.

The material makes it easy for you to experience. It is suitable for large, medium and small performances and conference offices, tea restaurants, government projects, etc. It can be easily controlled.

technical parameter:

Model Channel:8/12/16

Stereo Channel: 1

Channel EQ: 4 BAND

Group: 1

MIC: 7/11/15

EFFECT:16 digital DSP



Master EQ:Double 9 Balance

Auxiliary output AUX:1AUX