MK204 One to four wireless microphone

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【UHF MICROPHONE SYSTEM】DGNOG MK204 4 Channel Wireless Microphone System Using UHF fixed high-frequency line design, avoid the frequency of interference easily.Deliver clear, robust, optimal true sound.Perfec used for karaoke, Singing, parties, church, DJ, weddings, outdoor or indoor stage performances etc.

【LONG DISTANCE】Up to 160ft long range in wide open space line of sight.Upgraded wireless signal acquisition,Portable charging receiver to enhance the received signal, ensuring high frequency stability and accuracy.UHF frequency CHA: 671.7mhz~677.1mhz, CHB: 677.7mhz~683.1mhz, CHC: 684.9mhz~690.3mhz, CHD: 690.9mhz~696.3mhz.

【RELIABLE PERFORMANCE】The LCD screen of the receiver allows users to visualize the pairing between the receiver and the microphone. The portable charging receiver is sustainable for 5-7 hours. The receiver uses 14500 lithium batteries, Each microphone is powered by 2 AA batteries, All batteries are included in the packaging!

【WIDE COMPATIBILITY】Easy setup wireless microphone system and convenient operation .The microphone will automatically and quickly synchronizes to the working channel of the receiver after power on. You can also connect to your amplifier, mixer, or other PA system.

【What You Get】Portable charging receiver*1, wireless handheld microphone*4, Receiver charging cable*1, 6.5 to 3.5mm Adaptor*1, 14500 batteries*1, AA Batteries*8, Antiskid ring *4, user manual*1, If your microphone has no sound, Please make sure your microphone system has enough power and frequency is successfully matched. insert the mic jack, not an aux/line in jack.can write to us when you have any questions."