MU-231 Equalizer

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MU-231 Technical parameters:

This machine adopts new DSP digital processor technology, which is applied to digital analog integration combined with audio input and output processing of high quality. The powerful improvement of the functional parameters is a big surprise for improving the overall indicators of the sound system, which is better than the traditional hand equalizer.

The audio output uses traditional DOP in-line components to restore all standard music tones.

Suitable for: radio station, multimedia meeting room, recording studio, multi-function entertainment hall, live event performance system, home theater, HIFI audio. A site with strict requirements for system indicators.

◎2U can be mounted on the rack

◎ Dual channel synchronous control 31 EQ equalization,DSP digital analog integration.

◎ Each segment equalizes with LED spectrum indication to help users clearly see the pitch level in use.

◎ Real-time 31-segment frequency jump, spectrum accuracy 99%.

◎ Noise gate with tip can eliminate the noise in the system. The threshold adjustment range is built-in and fixed.

◎ I/O interface adopts new multi-type: TRS6.35/RCA Lotus /XLR CANNON balance interface

◎EQ bypass: Bypass the graphic equalizer in the signal path

◎ With save and call function, 10 modes can be saved for calling.

◎ Power supply mode :220V

◎ Low frequency can be debugged separately

◎ Two channels can also be adjusted separately

◎ Sound transmission gain :-1dB or 11dB

◎ Line input impedance :15KΩ

◎ Line output impedance :300Ω

◎ Frequency response :20Z ~ 20K

◎ Signal to noise ratio :82dB

◎ Power consumption: 30W