MX-202 Instrument microphone

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MX202 is a heart-shaped capacitor microphone of professional quality, specially designed for musical instruments. The microphone can also be used with other instrument clamps and general installation clamps, and can be used with a variety of instruments. For example: violin, saxophone, guitar, piano, flute, etc. The microphone adopts flexible gooseneck design and durable structure, which is easy to install and convenient to use. Pre-amplifier and phantom power supply are ideal for live performance and recording applications.

Technical parameters:

1. Pickup: Capacitive

2. Directivity: Heart

3. Frequency response: 40-20000Hz

4. Sensitivity: 25mV/Pa

5. Output impedance: 200_

6. Maximum Sound Pressure Level (dB)

(1KHz, distortion < 1%): 132

7. SNR: > 96dB

8. Phantom Power Supply: 48V

9. Size: 600 cm