PA2audio processor

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PA2 Technical parameters:

Analog input:

Number of inputs: 2 inputs, 1 RTA microphone input

Connector: 2 channels XLR bus input, 1 channel XLR RTA microphone input

Microphone input: electronic balance / RF filter / circuit input level: >50k

Maximum input level (line input): >+ 20 dBu

Common mode rejection ratio: >45dB

Phantom power supply for microphone preamplifier: + 15 VDC

Analog output:

Number of outputs: 6-wire output

Connector: XLR male plug

Type: Electronic balance, RF filtering

Impedance: 1202

Maximum output level: + 20 dB

Quasi-delay: up to 10 ms per output channel

A/D performance:

A/D dynamic range: 24-bit A/D converter with dbx type IVTM conversion system +112dB -110dB

Type IV dynamic range: +123 db with transient material, +22khz, 121dB (without weighting material), 22khz 115db standard configuration, program material, +22khz

D/A converter: 24 bits

Dynamic range: +112db -110db

System performance

Internal processing word length: 32-bit floating point

Sampling rate: 48 khz

Dynamic range: +110 db -107 db

THD+Noise: Typical value is 0.003% + 4 dbu, 1 khz, 0 db

Gain frequency response: Crosstalk between signal channels: 20 hz-20 khz, + 0 /- 0. 5 db

Delay: input and output: 1.847 ms, <- 110 dB, -120 dB (input and output: -100 dB)

Power supply Operating voltage: 100-120 Volts 50/60 Hz or 220-240 Volts AC 50/60 Hz Power consumption: 22 Watts

unit weight:

Net weight: 5.25 pounds. (2.4 kg)

Gross weight: 6.75 pounds. (3.1 kg)

Dimensions: 1.75(h) x5.75(d) x19(w)/ 4.4 cm(h) x14.6 cm(d) x48.26 cm(w)