PG81-LC-LC Wired Instrument / Interview / Recording Microphone

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The PG81 is a high quality unidirectional condenser microphone designed for studio recording, broadcasting and sound reinforcement. Wide frequency response and low noise characteristics, as well as low RF sensitivity make it a standard accessory for general instrumentation, especially for guitar, piano and cymbal applications.

The main function:

The structure of the SM81 is very strong. It can be powered by phantom power and can operate in a wide range of temperature and humidity environments. It is equipped with a rotary adapter, attenuator switch lock, a foam windshield and a bag for carrying and storing. Other accessories are also available.

0 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response

Can accurately reproduce the smooth response curve of the sound source

Low noise and high output clipping levels

Low distortion characteristics over a large load impedance range

Heart-shaped pickup mode, balanced frequency and axisymmetric, so as to eliminate off-axis sound and reduce interference as much as possible

Low RF sensitivity

Selectable low frequency response: smooth, 6 or 18 dB/octave attenuation

0 dB/10 dB lockable attenuator switch

Phantom power supply (DIN 45 596, voltage 12 to 48 Vdc)

Rugged steel construction is extremely durable

Field application in a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions

Type capacitor (dielectric bias) frequency response 20 to 20,000 Hz

Pickup mode

Heart-shaped (one-way) response ? Frequency equalization, axisymmetric

Output impedance

Rated impedance is 150 ohms (effective impedance is 85 ohms) Recommended minimum load impedance: 800 ohms (allowable load can be as low as 150 ohms as the clipping level drops)

Output configuration and connector

Balanced transformer coupling output; XLR male connector


(1,000 Hz) open circuit voltage: -45 dBV/Pa (5.6 mV) (1 Pa = 94 dB sound pressure level)

Limiting level

(1,000 Hz) 800 ohm load: -4 dBV (.63 V) 150 ohm load: -15 dBV (.18 V) total harmonic distortion less than 0.5% (131 dB SPL, 250 Hz, 800 ohm load)

*Sound pressure level

(1,000 Hz) 800 ohm load: 136 dB (attenuator at 0) 146 dB (attenuator at -10) 150 ohm load: 128 dB (attenuator at 0) 138 dB (attenuator at -10)

Acoustic pickup

-3 dB equivalent sound pressure level in 1 milliohm field (60 Hz)

Self noise

(Equivalent sound pressure level; measured with a true rms voltmeter) is typically 16 dB, A weight is typically 19 dB, and weights are in accordance with DIN 45 405

Signal to noise ratio

78 dB (IEC 6