PGA58 wired microphone

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· Customized microphone pickup head designed to create natural, clear sound quality in the vocal frequency range;

· Heart-shaped pickup mode can be used to effectively pick up sources and isolate off-axis noise at the same time;

· The new industrial design adopts black metal shell and net cover, showing a low profile;

· The hidden switch is more durable and can independently control the microphone operation;

· The adapter can be used to mount to the microphone stand;

· The included zipper carrying case provides more protection for the storage and transportation of the microphone;

Technical specifications:

· Sensor type: Dynamic coil;

· Pickup mode: Heart-shaped;

· Frequency response from: 50 Hz;

· Frequency response to: 16 KHz;

· Sensitivity (dBV/Pa): -55 dBV/Pa;

· Sensitivity (mV/Pa): 1.79 mV/Pa;

· Weight: 294 g;