PH4 4 4-channel bluetooth mixer UHF wireless microphone integrated machine with power amplifier

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Precision and efficient DSP effect chip

The digital effect chip responds quickly, processes accurately, and transmits quickly and efficiently. More than 16 kinds of on-site reverberation sound effects, strong spatial three-dimensional effect, and more outstanding sound effects

Professional brings diverse and wonderful music

Small concerts, company meetings, campus events, recording studios, broadcast rooms, etc.

Product basic parameter type: mixer with power amplifier Input channel number: 4

Number of output channels: 2 channels

Monitor output: dual-channel earphone monitor output Other input: MP3 LCD player USB Bluetooth function: Bluetooth data transmission and playback

Reverb effect 1: 16 DSP reverb effects

Equalization: 5-band independent equalization power amplifier power: 250W * 2 built-in power amplifier split equalization: 2-band equalization balanced output port: XLR SPEAKER

Input port: LR / 6.5

Size: 355×310x130