PSM400 wireless monitoring

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"RF carrier frequency range: 470MHz ~ 960MHz;

Frequency stability: 0.005%

Effective working distance (ideal environment): 120 meters;

Audio pressure expansion: DSP digital audio pressure expansion;

Audio sampling rate: 48kHz

Audio frequency response: 48kHz50Hz ~ 1800Hz ± 3dB;

Dynamic range: 92 db;

Signal to noise ratio (A): 105 dB;

Total harmonic distortion: S0.8%,@1kHz;

Work temperature range: -10 ℃ ~ +50 ℃;"

Receive machine technical indicator

Receive bandwidth: 470MHz ~ 960MHz

Receiving method: dual channel, ultra -outfit

Mirror suppression: 45dbm

Radio frequency sensitivity: When entering 10DBU, S/N245DB

Reatness adjustment: built -in setting parameters

Frequency synchronization method: manual button settings or infrared frequency

Display method: double -digit digital light plus LED combination display

Headphone output power: 80mW@16Q

Export level adjustment range: level 5 adjustment, attenuation adjustment, step by step

Power supply method: AA 1.5V × 2 can support external power supply at the same time.

Normal working current: 3V 110mA

Battery use time: 210 hours

Dimensions: 63 × width 77.5 × height 19.5 (mm)

Net weight (excluding battery): 66.8G"

"Launch technical indicators

Carrier bandwidth: 470MHz~960MH

Oscillation mode: PLL frequency synthesis

Transmission power: 20dBm/100mW

Carrier error: 0.005%

Harmonic radiation: - 32dBm

Modulation mode: FSK

Nominal/maximum frequency deviation: ± 65KHz

Audio input interface: balance card, middle 6.35mm, 3.5mm TRS. lotus seat

Input impedance: 2.2KQ