S-908 SAX Microphone

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1、Frequency in the UHF band used.

5:Introduction to the Use of Microphone

1、Make sure the transmitter and receiver have enough electricity before use.

2 、 Switch the power switch and sensitivity adjustment switch of the transmitter to the corresponding position.If used in the transmission of human voice,Please switch to the position of people's voice. If Saxophone is used,Please switch to the position of the musical Instruments.With the saxophone the speaker transmitter is clipped to the edge of the sound exit.The microphone is about 15cm from the sound exit.

3、The transmitter is set to frequency by a frequency code adjusting switch.For example, A1.

4 、 Turn the receiver switch to mute first,Then switch to the On position.The coding setting is the same as the transmitter coding through the frequency coding adjustment switch.For example, A1. Now the

2、Transmitter and receiver use 3.7v lithium battery, which is economical and durable.

3、Easy to carry, strong anti interference ability.

4、Applies to the human voice and the sound of Musical Instruments.

5、Solve the receiver voice output process in the intermittent and unstable shortcomings.

6、The longest receiving distance is 50 meters, and the ideal receiving distance is 30 meters.