SM-3G Antenna distribution system

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SM-3G Antenna Distribution System

SM-3G antenna amplifier system:

█SM-3G is a UHF active wireless pointing antenna with a dual-polarization logarithmic periodic array. To

█Compared with the 1/2-wavelength omnidirectional antenna, the cardioid pickup pattern of SM-3G can receive signals in a predetermined coverage area more effectively, and more effectively resist radio frequency signals outside the coverage area. To

█In order to compensate the signal loss of the coaxial cable, the on-board amplifier of SM-3G provides users with a selectable gain of 3 or 10dB. To

█The gain setting is displayed by two LED lights. The antenna amplifier is powered by a remote 12V DC power supply and is provided by the SM-3G antenna distribution system through a coaxial cable. To

█SM-3G can be mounted on a microphone stand, hung from the ceiling or mounted on the wall using a rotating adapter bracket. To

█SM-3G can resist the influence of inclement weather and is suitable for outdoor use. To

█Using two SM-3G antennas can get the best diversity performance. To

█The antenna signal distribution system is equipped with 5 channels, broadband UHF (470-960MHz), and 4 sets of 12V/1ADC current (DC power supply).

SM-3G Antenna Distribution System

●Low noise amplifier circuit design, with ultra-low internal distortion characteristics

●Can be used on multiple channels at the same time to eliminate mixing interference

●Eight-channel low-loss antenna distribution circuit design, 4 sets of single-channel automatic signal selection receivers can share a pair of antennas

●TNC connector to ensure the reliability of the connection


Frequency range: 600~900MHz

Input truncation point: +22 dBm

Noise ratio: 4.0dB Type(Center Band)

Gain: +6-9dB (Center Band)

Output impedance: 15 dB min

Impedance: 50 Ω

Bandwidth: 300MHz

Socket: TNC female

Power supply: 100-240V/50/60Hz