SM-3G Antenna distribution system wireless microphone

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Designed for small and medium-sized stage performances, long-lasting market, stable signal under various complicated environments, with SM-3G antenna splitter, difficult to cut off the frequency, four sets of one for one true diversity wireless conference, wider frequency, 3U The aviation cabinet is easy to carry, plug and play.

1 AFS automatically searches for the cleanest frequency in the actual environment. After pressing the up key for 3 seconds, it will automatically search and lock to work on an undisturbed channel.

2Signal strength SQ setting

3 Unique ID lock frequency DPLL

4 Stage sound quality

5Dual screen real-time monitoring

6 LCD screen real-time monitoring, battery display

7 Integrated two-way cable antenna splitter, true diversity UHF, stable signal, strong anti-interference ability

Suitable for scenes: small and medium-sized performances, school projects and other occasions.