SMX-2400 24-channel professional mixer

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Low-noise, high-precision wheat-style halogen preamplifier

Fantasy power switch and plug-in input/output

3 middle channel equalization (center frequency sweep) and HPF

2 grouping, 2 auxiliary delivery, 2 return

Dual 7-band master graphic equalizer

Built-in 16 kinds of delay effects

Built-in MP3 music player total harmonic distortion

Technical Parameters

Total Harmonic distortion: 0.01%+4dBu 1kHz

Frequency Response: 10Hz-60KHz+1dB±3dB

Gain Control Gain Control: Microphone input Mic input: +10dB~-60dB Line input Line iput: +10dB~-4dB

Output level Max output level: +22dBu

S/N Ratio: -112dB

Equalizer EQ: low frequency LOW: 80H±15dB

Intermediate frequency MID: 250Hz~6 KHz±15dB

High frequency HIGH: 12KHz±15dB