SR328V Power sequencer

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1. Panel: Iron

2. Number of channels: 8-way universal socket relay controlled and 2-way universal socket pass-through

3. Single power / total power / output current: 2000W / 6000W / 30A 277VAC

4. Specification of output power socket: flame retardant ABS material, can withstand a maximum of 13A current phosphor copper material, standard universal socket

5. Circuit board specifications: double-sided fiberboard, secondary thickening and thickening of main power supply wiring

6. Power supply specifications: built-in switching power supply, suitable for global voltage AC90-260V 50-60HZ

7. Main cable specification: 3 * 4 square cable, total length is 1.2 meters (without power output plug)

8. Turn on type: square ship type switch

9. Body size: length 480MM width 165MM height 48MM

10. Features:

①. Open sequentially and close in reverse

②. The PASS key can be opened simultaneously in all channels

③. Accurate voltage display (large screen display voltmeter)

④. Interval time / timing time of each switch: 1 second

⑤. Six-level stability protection: voltage stabilization protection, short circuit protection, overheat protection, over