ST01 USB condenser microphone Built-in sound card with Bluetooth function Dual 48-bit microphone

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Built-in sound card: When you use your computer and mobile phone to record beautiful sounds, just plug it directly into this USB condenser microphone (the mobile phone needs to be equipped with a USB adapter, Android or Pingguo is optional), no need for complicated external connections External sound card or phantom power adapter, with reverb

Dual 48-bit microphone core stereo function: the sound is crisp and loud, making your voice as clear and bright as mountain spring water, flawless, beautiful and natural, and the sense of space is vivid and immersive

Pickup modes for three application scenarios: K song or live broadcast mode, stereo mode, noise reduction recording mode, three modes can be switched at will, three-in-one function button, short press the red button and one key mute, long press the red button for three seconds to switch To match the pickup mode of different application scenarios, double-click the red button reverb switch.

Mobile phone Bluetooth accompaniment, lossless playback, mobile phone KTV directly, zero-delay stereo monitoring

Scope of application: recording and broadcasting, live broadcasting, K song, playing and singing, game voice, company meetings, online classes, etc.

Product parameters:

material: metal

Type: Condenser microphone

Sensitivity: 4.5mV/Pa

Diaphragm cabin: 2 Blue 14mm capacitive diaphragms

Directivity: cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional,

Stereo working voltage: 5V/150mA

Maximum sound pressure level: 120dB

Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz

Size: 120125295mm

Weight: 1.55kg

Support sampling rate 16bit, 48kHz product features

Headphone Amplifier

Specification impedance: 16Q

Output power: 130mW

Total harmonic distortion: 0.009%

Frequency response range: 15Hz-22kHz

Signal to noise ratio: 100dB