TD48 48V phantom power USB

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Professional recording condenser microphone dedicated power supply

Live show, sound card set

Beautiful appearance, easy to install, easy to operate, safe to use, low noise

Five major features of the product

1. Stable double-voltage rectification and filtering circuit to effectively filter out AC signal interference.

2, built-in low-pass filter circuit design, fully filter out the interference noise of external audio equipment.

3, soft start function, to avoid the impact of "beep" when booting.

4. Two sets of balanced power supply and balanced input and output signals make the voltage balance stable and suppress common mode interference.

5. The new shielding technology, the power supply and the power supply are designed separately, and the external power supply has a shielding magnetic ring to completely isolate the AC electromagnetic wave from the DC power supply to ensure that the signal is free from any electromagnetic interference.