UA68 UHF Dual Handheld Microphone

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UA68, UHF dual hand-held microphone, with good fidelity, strong anti-interference ability, rich mid-frequency, magnetic and rich sound, perfect adjustment of each syllable makes it have good anti-howling, stable distance 50-60 Meter

Wireless technical parameters:

Carrier frequency: UHF610MHZ-690MHZ

Host working voltage: DC--12V-14V2A

Working current: 600mHA

Power consumption: 5W

Receive sensitivity: -105dbM

Audio output voltage: 1V

Adjacent channel interference suppression: >60dB

Microphone power consumption: 120mAh

Microphone Directivity:

(Handheld) Cardioid

(Meeting, Lavalier, Headwear) Super Cardioid

Pickup Sensitivity: >20dBM(1V)

Transmit power: >+10dBM(10MW)

Microphone power consumption: 120MhA

Receiving effective distance: 50HZ-15KHZ

Audio corresponding: 50HZ-15KHZ

Frequency stability: +-0.001%

Signal-to-noise ratio: S/N:>85dB

Distortion THD: <0.01%