UC22 2 in 2 out HD sound card supporting PC/IPAD web live recording K song

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◆2 input /2 output USB audio interface

◆Low noise microphones amplifier XLR combination jack

◆Hi-Z input for guitars and other high impedance sources

◆Low noise design with extensive shielding ,high fidelity sound quality

◆Exquisite electroplating control knob

◆Highlights indicator display

High-performance converters enable you to record and mix and play audio in anywhere

◆Substantial and mini metal hardware

◆24-bit/192kHz Sampling rate

◆Support Type-C interface compatible with PC and iOS system

technical parameter:

Maximum level: Maximum Levels

Mic inc +20dBu

All Other inputs +20dBu

All other outputs +20dBu

Total harmonic distortion (THD) Total harmonic distortion (THD)

(≥0.03% 20Hz-20kHz@+4dBu into 600 ,Input to OMNI OUT)

Mic in to insert out ﹤0.001%


STEREO OUT main output (fader at O ​​dB position): -94 dBu

PHONES OUT monitor headphone output (minimum fader): -94 dBu

STEREO OUT main output (minimum fader): -104 dBu

Signal to Noise Ratio

Channel line: 87db

Monitoring room output: 87db

Equivalent input noise(EIN)

150 ohm termination: -129.5dBu 20Hz-20kHz

Attenuation (Crosstalk)

Channel Mute switch engaged: -82 dBu

Channel Gain knob down: -82 dBu

Frequency response microphone Frequency response

±0.3dB 20 Hz-20kHZ, refer to+4dBu output @IkHz,INPUT to OMNI OUT


Balanced output STEREO OUT: +70dBu

Monitor headphones PHONES OUT: +80dBu

Common mode rejection ratio = CMRR


Mic in: 2.5kilohms

Channel insert return: 2.5kilohms

All other inputs: 10kilohms or greater

Tape out: 1.1kilohms

All other outputs: 120 ohms


Main output:2 Mono

Phantom power:1 Stere

Monitor output:48V DC

Monitor output:Earphone

Professional recording:192K recording