UG-MD18 18-channelsdigital mixer

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Display screen

6.1"x 3.5"(156mmx90mm ),7 high-definition color TFT LCD screen and capacitive touch screen


100mm electric intelligent control ,accuracy =1024 postion,10dB b-60dB/,full electric Fader

Channels input:

12 channels Mic/Line( XLR/TRS composite balanced interface),1 analog stereo(1/4"TRS stereo port and RCA ).1 stereo AES(XLR inerface ),1 stereo USB disk player or bluetooth player

14 channels output:

2 way main output ( XLR balanced port)

2 way auxiliary output AUX1 and AUX2 (1/4"TRS balanoed port)

4 way auxiary ouput AUX3 to AUX6 (XLR balanced port)

1 stereo AES ouput(XLR balanced port)

1 stereo USB disk recording

1 stereo monitor(1/4" TRS stereo port and 16Ω minimum impedance headphone)

Input channel processing

Digital control analog again adjustment (Gain) phase adjustment,4 position source sound section before/after faders,4 -bands parametric equaization(PEQ ),high-pass filter,low-pass filter,noise gate and compressor.

output channel processing

18-bands graphic equalizer(GEQ),high-pass and low-passfilters,4-bands parametric equalization(PEQ),compresson and delay(max 500ms).

output channel processing

Recording function

Astereo dual channel recorder selects set of 4 stereo bus ourtputs for Main-L/R and AUX1/AUX2,AU3/AUX4 and AUX5/AUX6as recording sound souroe.


6 DCA groups( with mute) and 3 mute groups


2 professional effectors Chorus, Echo,Flanger, Pitch-shift,Reverb and Sereo Delay,6 kinds of effect processing,60 factory presets( FX Presets),simple and easy presets for users.

Presets of mixer: User presets include saving or recalling all mixer parameters from the internal and U disk to miver.

Channel presets: User channel presets can be saved or recalled fom the internal and U disk to mixer.

Scene mode

You can implement [Save]/[Delete] / [Recall/[Export] /[mport] of the scene.

External control

Apple iPad mixer APP software,which can be accessed from the Wi-Fi hotspot and almost all parameters in mixer controlled. The remote operation is easy and pleasant.


USB WiFi adapter package is included. USB Bluetooth adapter package is included.

Butooth USB Bluetooth adapter package is included.

Sampling frequency /48kHz/ 24bit

Singal delay

Less than 3.3 milliseconds, from any input to output.