Update Version BY-M1v2 Lavalier Microphone Condens

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1. It adopts braided cable to shield against strong interference and tensile strength, and will not change color when used for a long time;

2. With anti-shock circuit, ON/OFF will not have “pop pop” sound, which can effectively prevent the impact on the sound reinforcement and recording equipment;

3. Using a high-quality amplifier circuit, the sound quality is clear, and the degree of reduction is high;

4. Adopt single-point anti-interference capacitive microphone core, which can prevent radio frequency (RF) interference, and the distance of pickup is far, up to (3-5) meters, and the frequency response is wide;

5. The battery adopts the lead-out design, which is easy to replace, and DC3V power supply, and the use time is long;

6. The sound output can be easily and flexibly with 3.5mm plug and 6.35mm plug.

This is professional performance electret condenser Uni-directional microphone. Ideal for lectures, interviews, religious places, recordings Cable eavesdropping etc.

professional performance microphone

Uni-directional characteristics

6m shielded low noise cable

Fixed Tie-clip

Pointing Feature: Uni-directional

Type of Power : DC 3V (Battery CR-1130x1)

Frequency Response: (100-18000 )Hz

Sensitivity : 10mv/pa

Impedance : 1000Ω