UR06 channel professional mixer

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"Karaoke Mixer:6-channel Bluetooth mixer, 99 DSP reverberation effect, Independent reverb knob for each channel, 3-band equalization adjustment, AUX auxiliary input, comes with USB & Type-C interface, support USB Flash Drives playback function. Reminder: This kind of mixer is a traditional analog product, so there is no need to talk about whether the system is suitable or not. We are eager to know what function the customer wants to use. Any operation error may cause the device to have no sound.Welcome to email us.

USB Audio Mixer:stage equalization regulate:This compact DJ Mixer will provide total dynamic control This incredibly versatile mixer is great for high quality on stage performance, live gigs and Karaoke,realizing high-quality music playback, audio mixer for streaming, recording, live performance, stage, DJ activity, karaoke, and other occasions.

Music Mixer Board:The sound board mixer is equipped with a high-definition LCD digital large display, USB interface, 6.35mm jack (L/R) stereo input, 3.5mm AUX input, 6.35mm headphone output jack, 4 Mic/Line mono input, If Use 48v Condenser Microphone Need To Press +48v Button Phantom Power,used for microphones, musical instruments and other audio equipment, to meet the input of various equipment.

6 Channel Mixer Compatibility:The mixer is great for multiple devices connectivity because it has 6 channels, compatible to most audio files .Sound mixer board connects to USB, PC, and smartphone BT to record and mix, uses built-in controls to play/pause, skip tracks, and switch between modes, simple pairing, and provides up to 24-bit/48kHz USB & Type-C recording features.

Microphone and Stereo Input: For a reliable power source,the portable audio mixer USB has a +48V phantom power.The mixer is great for professional DJ studio use, audio recording, on-stage performance, live gigs, karaoke,highly accurate LED Peak Level Indicator and Ultra-musical 3-band EQ on all channels. Ultra-low noise, high headroom mixer with super easy functionality for professional vocal and instrumental sound."