USB-101H 1 channel UHF universal wireless microphone headset

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Built-in sound card, perfect for smart TVs, set-top boxes, comparable to the sound quality of wired microphones, wireless transmission as low as 2.5MS transmission delay, enhanced wireless reception, dual-channel reception, effective distance stability of more than 30 meters, eliminating audio cables

Microphone specifications

Microphone core type: capacitive

Pickup method: heart-shaped pointing

Frequency range: 640-690MHz 60OMHz

RF bandwidth: 10

Transmitting power: 10mw

Frequency response 30Hz-18KHz

Dynamic range: 90dB

Harmonic radiation: <-50dBc

Distortion: <0.5%

Power supply mode: two AA batteries (3V)

Receiver specifications

Output interface: USB, 3.5MM

Frequency range: 610-670MHz

RF bandwidth: 60MHz

Frequency points: 100

Signal to noise ratio: 96dB

Receiving sensitivity: -108dBm@12dB SINAD

Frequency response: 30OHZz-18KHZ

Distortion: 0.05%

Dynamic range: 90dB

Receive delay: 2.5ms

Power supply mode: USB 5V