VR-MM3 Mobile phone recording UHF wireless lapel transmission system

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1. The transmitter can be accessed by using a 1m lapel line, which is suitable for various live broadcasts, recordings, mobile phones, computers, and mixers.

2. Multiple transmitters can also support multiple receivers, no interference, no frequency drop to meet multiple microphones at the same time angle, to ensure signal stability.

3. The original receiver plug-in connector is 3.5mm, you can use it from 6.35mm to 3.5mm jack. After successful frequency matching, insert the transmitter into mobile phones, cameras, sound cards, computers, mixers and other equipment.

4. This product is divided into two parts: the transmitter and the receiver. The receiver uses a 3.5 mmr plug to connect with the mobile phone, camera, mixer, and computer. The transmitter has a collar clip line, which is exquisite in appearance, and the small size is more convenient to carry. Wireless recording, live broadcast is easier to use, the sound quality is clear, and the sound is not distorted.

5. The wireless transmission can reach 30-60 meters, under the company's test environment, the use of no direction restrictions (no dead angle interference)

product parameters

Rocket frequency; UHF610MHZ-690MIZ

Host working voltage: DC--12V-14V2A

Working current: 600mHA

Strength: 5W

Receiving sensitivity: -105dbM

Audio output voltage; 1V

Lead frequency interference suppression:> 60dB

Microphone advantages: 120mAh

Microphone directivity:

(Handheld) heart-shaped pointing

(Meeting, lapel, head-mounted) Super cardioid pointing

Pickup sensitivity:> 20dBM (1V)

Transmit power:> + 10dBM (10MW)

Microphone strength: 120MhA

Receiving effective distance: 50HZ-15KHZ

Audio response: 50HZ-15KHZ

Frequency stability: +-0.001%

S/N ratio: S/N ratio:> 85dB

Distortion THD: <0.01%

Frequency stability: +-0.001%

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Signal to noise ratio; S/N:> 85dB

Adjacent frequency interference suppression:> 60dB

Distortion THD; <0.018 microphone sensitivity; 120mAh

Microphone directivity:

(Handheld) heart-shaped pointing

(Meeting, lapel, head-mounted) Super cardioid pointing