W-4 4-Channel mixer

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Product Introduction

This mixer is a multi-purpose channel mixer with a sound card,which can meet the needs of user home music production, network broadcast,K-song cover,etc.

Product features

The mixer is equipped with a built-in 48-v phantom power supply for direct power supply of capacitor microphones.

The mixer is small and light is size and can be directly connected to the USB port of PC for power supply without extra power supply.It can be operated by connecting the computer with USB for power supply,saving the trouble of using external adapter.

You can also use mobile power supply or USB adapter for power supply.

, tone matching, input gain and high and low tone adjustment, the built-in 48V phantom power supply is suitable for the capacitor microphone direct power supply, with the former county wheat forehead outlet, MP3 player, with a sound card can be directly connected to the PC

Small, lightweight, with a direct connection to the PC's USB port, no extra power, and a 0- and-b-link power supply saves you the trouble of using an external adapter, which you can also use a mobile or USB adapter to power it.

1.Mono input socket

MIC/LINE:can connect XLR plug and phone plug. Connected microphone/instrument.

2.Stereo input jack Used to connect line-level instruments such as electronic keyboards and audio devices.

3.Phantom power switch

4.Phantom power supply display

5.{GAIN} knobs

Usded to adjust the gain of the input signal.

6.High knob

Adjust the knob to control the channel treble tone.

7.Low knob

Adjust the knob to control the channel bass tone.

8{EFX} knob

Channel effect access knob.

9.Channel volume knob

Adjust the knob to control the signal size of the channel.

10.Adjust the knob to control the size of 3/4 USB signal.

11.{MAIN} knob

Stereo main sound volume knob.Adjusting the knob can make the main output level reach the desired state.


Headphones listerning volume adjustment,can sontrol the volume of headphones.


Used to adjust the echo repetition freuquency.


Used to adjust the echo repetition interval of the effect

15.Headphone socket

16.Power supply display lamp

17.Signal output status display

18.MP3 master key

Short press pause/play,long press to convert to recording state,and record the main channel output signal to USB memory.

Short press the last song,long press to reduce the volume.

Short press a song ,long press to increase the volume.